3 Ways You Can Optimize Your Cover Letter for Online Job Hunts

Image: Pexels

In today’s landscape, online job hunting has become the new norm. To illustrate, the average online job application yields over 250 candidates. This underscores that while there are many opportunities for job seekers online, the landscape is also very saturated. As such, making yourself stand out in the early stages of application is now more relevant than ever. To increase your chances of being noticed, it pays to optimize your cover letter. After all, this document is often the first way that recruiters learn about you. So, here are three ways to create an optimized cover letter that can give you an advantage in the busy online job hunt.

Focus on your writing style

How you write can make or break your cover letter, as how you articulate yourself says a lot about you. As such, you need to put more intention into your writing so it doesn’t come off as generic or bland. One clever way to optimize the writing in your cover letter is to sound more proactive. Avoid long and winding paragraphs that are repetitive and over the top. A fine line exists between being firm in your purpose and being a try-hard. Use action verbs and the active voice to show that you are optimistic, enthusiastic, respectful, and professional. Finally, ensure that what you write is logical in its sequence and that you get to the point. When your cover letter is mindfully written, you will be able able to better capture your value as a potential employee without wasting any words on empty promises or claims.

Add a signature

Without a signature at the end of your email cover letter, you could be missing out on prime opportunities as recruiters struggle to contact you. A report by the Global Talent Climate mentions that the average time it takes to hire an employee in the first quarter of 2023 is about 44 days, during which time applicants who are easier to reach experience a more streamlined recruitment process. In order to similarly fast-track any pressing communications, a signature on your cover letter is a smart move. As seen in cover letter samples from employment experts, it is vital that everything on your cover letter, from start to finish, is formatted correctly, especially your signature. Remember that both a physical signature and a name sign-off method are practical and can be utilized. On the other hand, if you’d prefer a regular email signature, include your full name, email, and phone number. Either way, a signature shows you’re easy to contact and ready for the job.

Link your professional portfolio

Adding a professional portfolio link is another way for you to make your cover letter more hardworking. Proactively including an online link to your work makes it easier for recruiters to see what you’re capable of doing. Since you’re also supplying them with this link from the get-go, recruiters are more encouraged to see what you have to offer, and your application is less likely to fall by the wayside. Now, remember to choose a personal portfolio template that best represents you and complements the look of your own cover letter. If your portfolio is on a personal site, you can find professional portfolio templates from our site for free. You have a wide variety to choose from. Take, for instance, the Powder minimalist theme, which is optimized for blogs that you may use for your written works. Alternatively, if you’re an artist, themes like ArtsyLens are a great responsive option that recruiters will enjoy perusing.

Online job hunting may be the busiest it’s ever been, but a well-optimized cover letter can help you stand out and get a better shot at your dream role.