Superlist V2.3.0 – Directory WordPress Theme


Superlist is that the results of many years of active development in WordPress. Theme is making an attempt to supply best directory expertise with all out of the box bundled plugins. With the Superlist you have got complete directory answer.

Plugins bundled in theme: Boxes, Claims, Coupons, Currencies, FAQ, Favorites, Fields, Google Map, Google Places, Invoices, Listing Slider, Mail Templates, Notifications, Packages, Partners, PayPal, Pricing, Properties, reCAPTCHA, Reviews, Shop, Statistics, Stripe, Testimonials, Watchdogs

Theme has sturdy specialise in code quality. Everything has its own plugin and correct documentation. it’s quite straightforward to switch theme or the plugin from the kid theme as a result of everything is correctly wrapped in action or filter hook. intimate developers are going to be happy to use the theme. With the great code is less complicated to form a good and maintable product.

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