Mapplic v4.1 – Custom Interactive Map WordPress Plugin


Mapplic is about excluding the other map code on the market by its Brobdingnagian vary of uses and unambiguously wealthy package of options. a very multi-purpose and totally customizable map WordPress plugin, Mapplic makes it simple to show pictures and svg vectors into prime quality, skilled and interactive maps and floorplans of every kind.

Sometimes a tile-based internet mapping service, like Google Maps or OpenStreetMap, simply won’t cut it, and that’s wherever Mapplic comes into its own. you’ll transfer any of your own maps or vector drawings, or choose between our intensive integral directory, and remodel them into a dynamic, interactive expertise. These square measure some of the cases once this versatile, responsive map code is that the good solution:

Mapplic Features

  • Unlimited landmarks: locations with unique pins and various actions
  • Unlimited floors: multiple floors are supported without any limitation
  • Deeplinking: every location can be referenced by its own URL
  • Responsive design: provides optimal experience across a wide range of devices
  • Touch optimized: touchscreen devices, like tablets and smartphones, are also supported
  • Admin interface: user friendly backend
  • Well documented: a detailed user guide is included